Veg dishes taste like non-veg?

Yes, readers! You read the exact thing I mentioned. I like some non-veg dishes and for me, it’s like the best gift I have ever got!

My mom doesn’t like non-veg so it was never for me to cook the non-veg dish at home. I wanted to find out what I can do to satisfy my hunger for non-veg food.

Then one fine day, I found out my veggies substitute for non-veg food which exactly tastes like non-veg but is purely vegan.

These dishes are boon to the vegetarians who want to try these quirky tasty dishes at home and your mom won’t go crazy. I can’t wait for more to reveal so here it is for you!

Important Note: Try these at home because the spices, curries and some extraordinary ingredients are going to make some noise in your mouth.

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1. Soya Chaap Curry

soya chaap recipe


Soya Chaap Dishes are purely vegan & at the same time have a unique way of serving like non-veg dishes.  It’s good news for all the veggie lovers. The Chaaps are flavored with different marinates. These Chaaps are a fusion of creative concepts.

2. Spicy Garlic Tofu

spicy garlic tofu


It is a fancy dish with some spices and oh Tofu! Many readers have asked me what is the difference between Tofu and Paneer. Tofu is more nutrient than paneer because it is high in protein and very less in calories. Paneer is milk made and Tofu is Soya milk made. This is only 1o minute recipe so be quick.

3. Mashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich



Wake up sandwich lovers! You gotta new kind of sandwich now. This sandwich is filled with chickpea flour and some veggies too. You can have it with multigrain bread or brown bread with some mozzarella or Schezwan spread. I know we are foodies but we should just know how to eat right?

4. Baigan Palita



It’s my one of the favorite dish from this list. This Palitas are so delicious that I am not enough of it. This taste like salmon fish-too soft! The preparation time so quick and easy. Every Sunday I make this with and serve it with rice.

5. Veg Mushroom Pizza

veg mushroom pizza


My best friend loves Mushroom. Every time we go to dominos, she orders pizza only with mushroom. One day we decided to make it at home due to budget constraint. Making pizza at home was something I find hard. But this is was an easy treat. If you love mushroom, just go for it. It can be a substitute for chicken pieces as toppings.

6. Kathal Dry Maharashtrian Jackfruit Sabzi



I have to tell you sabzi version too now. What’s special about this sabzi?-Jackfruit. If by any time you are going market, buy Jackfruit. Your family will love this recipe trust me! Jackfruit is a substitute of meat.

7. Tandoori Paneer Tikka



And when we talk about veg dishes taste like non-veg and we ditch Paneer? We can’t! This recipe is exactly like the restaurant one. To make it like that, you need to read this recipe reader.

8. Tempeh Tikka Pulao

tempeh tikka pulao recipe


We Indian loves Pulao. Specially Maa ke hath ka Pulao. It smells just amazing when your mum cooks it. So I decided to share Pulao recipe with you. You gotta make tasty Pulao and Tempeh pieces which we can call Tempeh Tikka. For your information, Tempeh is made out of soybeans and it’s another best substitute ingredient.

9. Homemade Seitan Steaks

Homemade vegan seitan steak


Sometimes being vegan you just need some alternatives you can try on. And I am revealing this last dish which is one of the best recipes we can cook at home and its vegan.

So readers, Make an ingredient notes now- Tempeh, Baigan, Tofu, Jackfruit, Soya chaap are these exclusive ones to go for non-veg taste but you still in your vegan mode.

Please share your reviews in the comments. I shall get back to you with my next planned surprises recipes for you.

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