Social media is just not only about social or business forums created by some junkie social marketers. Now the food genre has also taken its ticket to social media. Check out these 10 unique viral food dishes currently trending on social media.

Unique Food dishes viral material that looks outstanding, glorious, rich and flames better are the real eye turners on social media. People now love how the food trends are going on social media and now everyone wants to go to a particular restaurant to have that dish immediately.

I thought let’s make this blog more interesting for you and I have come up with some really gorgeous dishes/desserts of the heavenly foodie world. Some of the viral dishes are international and some of them are Indian as well.

Yes, Our India is progressing with all the unique food trails now.

So gearing up for the first luxury dessert ever you will have in a lifetime.

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1.Ice Gold Dessert

Ice Gold Dessert


This is one of the pure, edible dessert available at one of the Hong Kong Ice cream bars. Did you see that Gold wrap on ice cream? They say that it increases your metabolism in your body and increase your ph level. WOW! Dessert in the healthiest form!

2. 3D Caramel Popcorn Milkshake

3d caramel popcorn milkshake


You must have eaten Caramel Popcorn while going to Theaters. Guys, this is something else. This is level up milkshake I wanna have right away!

3. J tube WAFL

J tube WAFL


It’s the funniest dessert I have ever have heard of! The dessert is none another than Hong Kong produced a baby! So this is the chocolate horn corn available in 3-4 Flavours. You gotta try. If you ever visiting in New Delhi, buy yours too!

4. Black Lamb Burgers

black lamb burger


If you are feeling that you want to eat something hatke, no wait, no guilt. Here is the legend of all hatke food dishes. Black Lamb Burgers with a spicy mutton patty, red paprika, and cheese- sounds great! This little piece of heaven you gotta eat this weekend maybe.

5. Six Star Pizza

six star pizza


This pizza is purely and originally from Dubai. I know how much we all Indians love Dubai and returning back to India without having this? No chance! Well, this Six Star Pizza is served at Boardwalk restaurant. it is stuffed with some amazing veggies like tomato, tuna, onion & olives and of course our creamy mozzarella.

 6. Hot Cocoa Cheesecake Minis

hot cocoa chocolate minis


I love miniature style desserts so much. I mean they are exclusively unique. A good dessert dish to try on holidays. I have even mentioned the recipe link only for you guys. Click on the image to get a full view of the recipe.

7. Poop Peeps

poop peeps


Do you use that Whatsapp Poop emoji in your chats? Well me too. This is truly a social media viral snack ever. This is a marshmallow smiling swirl of poop. And it looks kinda cute.

8. Unicorn Ice Cream

Unicorn ice cream


Unicorn Ice Cream is proof that still Unicorn trend is not over. This Unicorn ice cream as made many social media hangovers and girls are going insane behind this style.

9. Cashew Cream Stuffed Avocado


I bet you have never heard of this kind of dish before! Stuffed Avocado and that too with Cashew Cream. It will be a delicious start with morning breakfast or served as a side dish while having lunch.

10. Black Bean Hummus Panini

black bean hummus panini


This is one nice veggie recipe that has all the healthy nutrients. Instead of having junk food, you can get down on this dish. This is the most viral gone recipe on social media and you must try this delicious & juicy recipe.

There has been a lot to travel and a lot to eat. The world’s bested recipes ever you will taste are here. Share your opinions down below and share this coolest viral food dish collection with your friends.