The child is a sweet responsibility every parent wishes to get. You just want your child’s health maintained with the best rich available nutrients. That is why I have hand-curated these must-have recipes for breastfeeding moms.

But as a family, we are forgetting one important member here. Mother. Every child’s mother needs nutrients too to produce milk. After all, a mother is the one who brings the child to life and makes the family complete.

During this breastfeeding week, I decided to give healthy recipes tips to the best moms in the world. You are important to us and your health matters a lot. So, moms, these recipes are just for you to start your nutrients day by today itself.

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 1. Veg Barley Soup



Vegetable Barley soup is a hub of nutrients for mothers. It is itself a meal that can be planned during your lunch as well. You can add much high rich cholesterol-free soup in just 20 minutes. You can add green peas or beans whichever you like.

2. Quinoa Upma



It is a superfood recipe. It’s again rich profile food. You can substitute quinoa dish with rice as well served with squeezed lemons too.

3. Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies


There are 3 major ingredients that include this recipe. Oats give fiber, vitamins & minerals. Flaxseeds which gives fatty healthy omega-3 and fiber. Brewer’s yeast which gives vitamin B to increase the milk in the breast.

4. Bajra Dosa

bajra dosa


Bajra dosa is a healthy wholesome food recipe for moms. It includes iron and also maintains your hemoglobin level. The dosa is made of Bajra flour and urad dal.

5. Beetroot Rice



Beetroot rice recipe is one pot meal recipe that goes best with some pulao spices. Adding some other vegetables will just make this recipe more healthy for moms. Cucumber raita is good to go with this recipe.

6. Garlic Roti- Lehsun Roti

garlic roti- lehsun roti


You can make it with multi flour-like Bajra, Wheat & Jowar. This is complete irony roti. Garlic just adds another layer of taste and aroma. Make sure to cook it on non-stick Tava so that less oil is used.

7. Fruit Flavoured Water

fruit flvoured water


Moms need to stay hydrated during their breastfeeding days. These fruit-infused detox water will help you throughout your day. You can try many fruits like blackberries, orange, apple, citrus, pineapple, lime and so on.  Trust me, your drinking will become healthier.

A breastfeeding mother’s milk has endless nutrients. To name a few, vitamins, protein, water, lactose, minerals and much more. Breastfeed milk helps a child’s body and mind development.

Be careful mothers! Be careful of what you eat because that has a straight relation with your child’s health! You should include these recipes at any cost to not to make your child’s health suffer.