Rajasthani Food consists of the perfect Desi Element. Though it is anything from Dal Bhati, Kadhi or Ghevar. It’s belly filling, spicy, tangy and full of spices. These foods are so intriguing that seeing them will make you have it right now.

Thus, we have brought here the compilation of these 15 Rajasthani for you. Try these at home and enjoy some really Desi Foods. Don’t miss the Masala Chaas.

Rajasthani people are famous for their hospitality. When you are there surely you will be treated like Kings and Queens by them, especially the urban people.

Try these 12 Mouth-watering Delhi Street Foods To Enjoy at home.

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1. Dal Baati Churma

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Every Rajasthani household makes Dal Baati Churma and when you eat this special dish in Rajasthan, you will find it really tasty. It’s three platter dish with Churma, Spicy dal and crunchy Baati.

2. Besan Bhindi Masala

rajasthani dishes

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It’sRasjasthani Dry dish you can try with butter roti or Puri. Besan Bhindi Masala is Rajasthani’s sabji food doze with a tasty makeover with besan.

3. Papad Ki Sabji

rajasthani dishes

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It’s delicious traditional Rajasthani Sabji that you will find Rajasthani eating it more. It’s spicy affair taste so lavish. Good for a delightful lunch ready in just 20 minutes. Surprisingly short time for can’t wait for tasty food, right?

4. Gatte Ka Pulao

rajasthani dishes

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Gatte Ka Pulao top delicacy of Rajasthani food that will make your daily lunch rice extravaganza. You can make this pulao with chickpeas or besan, whichever combinations you like. Add some veggies for crunch munch or serve it simple with some sour match up like Kadhi or yogurt.

5. Mirchi Bajji

rajasthani dishes

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We all aware how much Rajasthani people love spicy food. This is the best example of spicy savory. Mirchi bajji is simple deep-fried batter Mirchi which taste just amazing. If you are spicy lover then seriously try it. It’s mouth-watering.

6. Badam Halwa

rajasthani dishes

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A perfect Royal sweet Rajasthani savory! Delicious Badam halwa is a perfect choice for you when you want to make it on special occasions like your mother’s birthday, engagement party, family get together or any Indian festival. Anyways we don’t need an occasion to eat sweets.

7. Rajasthani Kadhi

rajasthani dishes

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Rajasthani Kadhi is a distinct recipe compare to Maharashtra or Gujarat. The Rajasthani Kadhi adds up the spices flavors in it and local households also add Bhajiya/Pakoda in Kadhi to make it more cheerful.

8. Laal Mass

rajasthani dishes

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It is a fiery Mutton recipe from Rajasthani Cuisine is just out of the world. It’s is favorite Maharaja’s royal food during their war lifestyle. In ancient times when Maharaja goes for war, they make sure their food is lavish enough to survive them for several days.

9. Ghevar

rajasthani dishes

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Ghevar is Rajasthani sweet soft cake can be made in various flavors like Malai Ghevar or Mawa Ghevar or simple as well. This is a true sign of the royal family’s dessert food.

10. Missi Roti

rajasthani dishes

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Rajasthani food specialty is making most of their recipe in desi pure ghee. This Missi Roti combination of chickpea flour suits best with any Rajasthani sabji recipes.

11. Pyaz Ki Kachori

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Pyaz Ki Kachori is a traditional Rajasthani dish which has a spicy affair with spice lovers. You can enjoy this yummies in evening snacks or morning breakfast.

12. Adrak Nimboo Ka Sharbat

rajasthani dishes

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It’s refreshing ginger lemonade to fight with extra heat. One glass of Ginger Nimboo sharbat will make your day refreshing. It also helps in your mood swings.

13. Gatte Ki Sabji

rajasthani dishes

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It’s delectable Rajasthani flavor sabji which can just make your day. Gatte is basically flour dumpling usually made with some cream and yogurt as well. This sabji secure tasty gravy with soft Gatte.

14.Boondo Raita

rajasthani dishes

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Boondo raita is an exotic curd spice dish which is refreshing and healthy too. You can have it with rice as well in your lunch meal. You can make many flavors in raita dish.

15. Gujiya

rajasthani dishes

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Gujiya is a crunchy sweet dish which is not overly sweet. It’s a nice soothing mixture of dry fruits and powdered sugar. It’s mind blogging food.

Let us know about your lovely experience by trying these dishes. Send us the images of your dishes and we will publish them on our blog.

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