You must have read many articles on what to eat during pregnancy and what not. These pregnancy craving recipes will actually help you to go through the healthy way.

I have thoroughly researched and listed down such recipes here that will work for you in any scenario. A pregnant lady needs 3 things very much in their food: 1. Protein 2. Calcium & 3.Iron.

These recipes will include all these nutrients. Now, what is healthy way recipes? For example, a pregnant lady has carvings for ice creams. So I suggested having greek yogurt instead.

This way, you can eat healthily and maintain your cravings as well.

See what I have suggested by simply just clicking the images to view the recipe. 

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1. Egg Burritos

Veg egg burrito with scrambled egg


Burritos+egg is a good combination. If anytime you want to have Frankie so instead of  Frankie, high- rich protein wrap with scrambled eggs best for you. Eggs are so important that you must have it during your pregnancy days.

2. Sweet potato Fries

sweet potato fries


Sweet potato is a bunch of vitamins. It’s fat-free potato. So instead of using potatoes in your daily meals, you can just substitute it with sweet potato and make tasty recipes just like this one.

3. Orange Juice for a healthy immune system

orange juice


Here I am not suggesting packaged orange juice ladies. Juice made from a raw fruit is always best without adding any preservatives. Take this recipe and you are going to thank me later.

4. Vegetarian Nachos With Greek Yogurt Lime Drizzle

vegetarian nachos with Greek yogurt lime drizzle


By Nachos,  you must be resembling going to movies with your husband and having cheesy nachos. I know it so right that I decided to help you and find a healthy way for you. This recipe with Greek yogurt is finger licking. Greek yogurt is a perfect substitute for ice cream. Try it, ladies.

5. Banana Oatmeal



This recipe is not only healthy but deliciously delicious. You wake up with mood swings and feel like not preparing time-consuming breakfast. That day try this recipe. Your body and mind both will be recharged.

6. Whole Grain Bread Bruschetta

whole grain bread Bruschetta


I would like to remind you again ladies, every food has substitutes. White bread has substitute too. Make bruschetta with whole grain bread which is easily available in the market. It will taste similar and you will feel healthier.

7. Spa Fruit Infused Detox Water

spa fruit infused detox water


Drinking continuously in every hour will make you hydrated all day. Ladies you have read about drinking 5-6 ltr water every day but sometimes it can get boring. So what you can do is purchase infused bottles and drink flavored water- how to make? See the recipe.

8. Walnut Raspberry Thumbprints

walnut raspberry thumbprint


This is the cutest little treat for you all ladies. We all love “Meetha”. Meetha with some nutrients will make it healthy Meetha right? Oatmeal cookies rolled in nuts with jewel-colored raspberry flavor just for you! It’s easy to make also.

9. Blueberry Almond Smoothies

blueberry almond smoothie


Blueberries, Almond and honey in a blender. That gives me heaven like a smoothie. Ladies get yours too. 5 o clock in evening is a good time to have it by the way.

10. Parmesan & Black Pepper Popcorn

parmesan & black pepper popcorn


Do you know ladies in the diet you can have popcorn as well? For your in-between day food carvings, you can always treat yourself with popcorns following this different style recipe.

11. Chocolate Chunk Bar Cookies

chocolate chunk bar cookies


Who says chocolates are unhealthy during pregnancy time? It’s the best thing to have it, ladies. Let your sweet tooth also get some treats. If you know dark chocolate helps in mood swings. As a pregnant woman, you have a lot of mood swings. That time don’t think anything and just take this bar! You will feel better.

Ladies, we come to an end listing out all goodies for you. In some recipes, I suggested substitutes. I would like to add something very important here.

Important takeaways from these recipes:

  • I am not suggesting to not to eat ice cream at all. But as a pregnant lady, you will have cravings for ice cream at least 4 times a week. In that scenario, make it 1 time and add Greek yogurt 3 times. It’s available in many flavors also like blueberries and banana.
  • Potatoes are healthy for you but instead of that, sweet potato will always win on your all takes upon being healthy and fit for you and your baby.
  • This is not rocket science. These are simple, tasty Pregnancy cravings recipes which can make your pregnancy days stressless and makes your mood happy to welcome your baby with a smile.