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winter soups

Warm up yourself with these winter soups.

Tasty treats for your humble honey

Most of the Indian women are complaining about the same thing! Why my husband is not eating lunch I cook for him & order it from Zomato? I was wondering what tasty treats to give your husband so that your long lost husband will come to an easy healthy eating. That’s where the role of […]

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light dinner recipes

I heard somewhere by someone, “The best diet is the one that you don’t know you are on!” Do you agree or not readers? I totally believe in this idea because when someone tells you about starting diet days, you instantly start feeling hungry. With this feeling, you will be able to do a diet […]

deep fried recipes

I guess all of you love deep fried foods right? Why? Because it’s so simple to make & it’s so yum food. You can have these type of foods during your exam times, late night working, in between your office hours or by just sitting in front of TV enjoying cricket match at home. You […]

one-pot rice recipe

Hello, lazy cooks… I am sure you might face no cooking day quite every day. That’s true that cooking is an art and art takes patience. But what if we can’t wait. What if we have planned something more artistry in our noon time and more relaxing activities in our evening time. Here are a […]

leftover chapati recipe

At my home, when we have anything leftover, we generally don’t cook anything out of it. That’s what my mom tendency is. One day we were chatting with our evening tea, I asked her why you aren’t making anything out of those chapatis? She said she doesn’t know what can she cook. Later, I just […] Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.