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Delicious Chicken Frankie Roll is an extremely popular Indian street food made with paratha wrapped with spicy boneless chicken

The mesmerizing Creamy Chicken Potato Gratin is a French Pie recipe made with Boneless Chicken, potato strips, cheese and creamy white homemade sauce. The creamy sauce, yummy cheddar cheese, soft potatoes, and the perfectly seasoned chicken breast makes this Creamy Chicken Potato Gratin as my family favorite.

South Indian Sambar is a lentil based vegetable stew made with Toor Dal (Pigeon Peas) and assorted healthy vegetables like drumsticks and bottle gourd (Lauki). A very delicious and nutritious. It is famous in all parts of India and abroad. As it has low calories and light on the stomach people love it the most.

Yummy South Indian Coconut Chutney is a side dish is made with homely ingredients like coconut, oil, garlic etc. It is very easy and simple to make this chutney. Usually, South Indian Coconut Chutney is served along with South Indian dishes like Wada, Idli, Dosa etc. The lovely taste of South Indian Coconut Chutney is very delightful.

South Indian Idli is an appetizing, easy to cook and popular recipe made with a granular paste of rice and urad dal (split Black lentils). Soft and Spongy South Indian Idlis are perfect for snacks, breakfast, or brunch. Usually, South Indian Idli is served with coconut chutney or sambhar or both.

Bhuni Kaleji Masala Recipe is a healthy and traditional nawabi cuisine from the old era. Made with simple at home ingredients.

Aromatic Kachche Murg Ki Biryani is a rice dish made in a different and traditional way by adding the marinated chicken directly with rice and the required spices. Every grain of rice in this biryani has the aroma of chicken and the spices.A dish that cannot be denied by any chicken lover.

Arabic Roast Chicken made with simple at home ingredients like garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, butter etc. Arabic Roast chicken starts pulling you towards itself with its aromatic smell right from when it is being roasted. Loved by all age group, though it is kids, youngster or elders.

Arabic Chicken Harees is a Ramadan special dish usually made with meat or chicken and boiled wheat and barley. One of the healthiest food.

Spicy Green Mutton Chops, a well-seasoned side dish (starter) made with yogurt and freshly ground spices, making it a yummy and irresistible. It is one of the best choices for mutton lovers. Spicy Green Mutton Chops has semi-gravy and it can be eaten raw as well as with chapati and rice.

Cheesy Chicken Burger made with tender and juicy boneless meat coated in crispy batter with a spicy taste and topped with creamy mayonnaise. This taste is loved by all, especially children.

Aromatic Chicken Achaari is a delicious gravy recipe made with special ingredients like melon seed powder, fenugreek leaves, and peanut powder. It starts pulling the people towards food during the process of cooking itself.