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Crispy Chicken Wings is a deep fried chicken starter recipe made in almost every part of the world. A very easy to make and can be prepared in an hour even by men. Women can make in less time. It can be made in two ways; by baking or deep frying. Usually, what restaurants serve are the deep fried.

Spicy Memoni Aloo is a very delightful snack. Good for Kitty parties and get together. The spicy taste makes it loved by people of all ages.

Spicy Green Whole Bheja Fry is simple and easy Indian Mughlai recipe that can be made at home. Basically, it is the main course recipe but it is also used as a breakfast recipe. It just takes 30-40 minutes or even less to make Whole Bheja Fry. Best when served with Butter Naan.

Surti Bataka Puri is all time favorite snack option for Surtis (People of Surat). Easy to make and loved by all. It is usually served as a tea snack and a special snack in the rainy season.

Appetising Chicken Club Sandwich is an American sandwich recipe with an Indian taste. Indians love the food bit spicy. Basically, the club sandwich or clubhouse sandwich originated in New York in 1894. Chicken Club Sandwiches is a good choice for an evening snack. Good for parties too.

Cheesy Football Chicken is an Indian starter with a french taste. Loved by people of all ages, especially children as it is cheesy.

Soft and Fluffy Scrambled Egg a healthy cuisine with a French origin. Loved by teens as well as children’s.

Spicy Singapuri Rice is lovely Chinese dish made in an Indian style. For those who love the spicy cuisine.

Yummy Lava Cake is a dessert for chocolate lovers & also a valentine special loved by husband & kids.

Tandoori Roti is a kind of bread usually served with Nihari and other such cuisines. It is very simple and easy to make Tandoori Roti at home.

Dhaba Style Paneer Kadhai is a delicious and spicy Indian cuisine usually served at dhabas (highway food stops).

So easy that even a bachelor can make.