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Mango Pickle or Kachche AAm ka Achar is sour, spicy and tangy condiment made in every Indian’s house. It is made with homemade pickle masala and no ready pickle masala. This yummy Mango Pickle is made with grated raw mangoes, grated dried carrots, split mustar seeds, garlic, and aromatic Indian Spices.

Veg Manchurian, also known as Cabbage Manchurian. is an ultimately delicious Indo-Chinese recipe that will suffice your craving to eat something spicy. Veg Manchurian is made of deep fried dumplings made up of Cabbage, maida (all purpose flour) and egg tossed in spicy Chinese sauces.

Crispy Keema Baida Roti is a shallow fried Indian bread stuffed with minced mutton or chicken mixed with egg and then shallow fried in oil.

Dahi Baingan is a popular Veg Indian recipe made with eggplant, yogurt, and aromatic Indian spices. Ideal curry recipe for lunch or dinner

Succulent Indo-Chinese Chicken Chilli is an easy-to-make Chicken recipe. Loved by kids and is a perfect go-to recipe for desi-Chinese lovers.

Aromatic Butter Chicken is a heavenly chicken recipe; creamy and flavor-packed cuisine from the Indian subcontinent. Butter Chicken is made with chicken, yogurt, and aromatic Indian spices to form curry sauce. Loved by people of all ages, especially youngsters. You don’t need hours to cook this delicious recipe.

Memoni Kababs is a famous memoni starter recipe enjoyed with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, yogurt or ketchup. Memoni Kababs are made with Mutton Mince, bajra flour, aromatic Indian spices. Loved by people of all ages. Great choice for gatherings, kitty parties, tea-time snack and also a Ramadan.

Burmese Khowsuey is famous Burmese noodle dish served with spiced coconut milk sauce (white kadhi) along with different toppings. This recipe is a delicious snack and also complete meal recipe that will give you a burst of amazing flavors. A squeeze of lemon also adds tanginess to Burmese Khowsuey.

Chicken Keema Samosas is a famous Indian appetizer deep fried in oil with a savory filling of chicken keema(Mince) and aromatic Indian spices masalas in ready strips of maida. Delicious yet easy-to-make snack for tea-time, parties, and gatherings. Loved by people of all ages.

Appetizing Kurkure Chicken is a saucy and crispy starter that makes your taste buds crave for it again and again. It is made with boneless chicken, maida and chinese sauces. The tangy taste of this recipe will make you fall for it.

Inimitable Dabba Gosht is yummy Indian recipe made with mutton, milk, maida and other easily available ingredients at home. It is an unmatched and ultimate dish of Indian Cuisine.

Cheesy Chicken Half Moon is a crispily fried starter recipe filled with yummy cheesy chicken and veggies that will make you go crazy. The ingredients like chicken, cheese, veggies make this recipe complete and healthy. Cheesy Chicken Half Moon is a healthy tummy filling recipe, especially for Ramadan.