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Soft and Fluffy Scrambled Egg a healthy cuisine with a French origin. Loved by teens as well as children’s.

Spicy Singapuri Rice is lovely Chinese dish made in an Indian style. For those who love the spicy cuisine.

Yummy Lava Cake is a dessert for chocolate lovers & also a valentine special loved by husband & kids.

Tandoori Roti is a kind of bread usually served with Nihari and other such cuisines. It is very simple and easy to make Tandoori Roti at home.

Dhaba Style Paneer Kadhai is a delicious and spicy Indian cuisine usually served at dhabas (highway food stops).

So easy that even a bachelor can make.

A simple and easy french technique to make perfect poached eggs. Children’s favorite and york lovers.

A perfect option to give a change to your routine breakfast menu.

Chana Dal Lauki is the main course recipe to be served with rice. First of all, it is a healthy food. Loved by children and especially the elders.

Healthy and Yummy Breakfast Recipe of Fluffy Omelet. Loved by everyone, especially Children. It takes only 10-15 minutes to prepare it.

Appetizing Chicken Tandoori. A dish that can’t be denied by anyone especially youngsters or elders.

Simple and easy Love Muffins are a Valentine special cake muffins for him and her. They can be made in just 10-15 minutes. A different way to express your Love.