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Milk mawa is widely used in Indian sweets. Making it at home is a lot cheaper. Watch the making video or follow steps with images for details.

Dahi Poha Tadka is like a perfect blend of real food and comfort food altogether. It is a simple, easy-to-make, quick, and soothing recipe. 

Homemade condensed milk is a lot cheaper compared to the branded ones. You can control the sweetness. The process is lengthy but results are guaranteed.

Milk powder condensed milk is a tasty substitute for sugar. The process is easy. Moreover, you will love the caramelized texture. Watch video.

Aloo Gobhi Sabji is a fatafat, zatpat & chatakedar combo of potato & cauliflower. Watch the recipe video or follow the steps to make this dish today.

Aloo methi bhaji is on everyone’s list. This one of a kind recipe is served as breakfast with paratha or puri & also as lunch or dinner item.

Tadka Maggi is a fusion recipe. It is tasty & super easy to cook. Check out the recipe steps & video with 13 more Maggi variations.

Gobhi matar sabji with kasuri methi & tomato puree gives a spicy & tangy flavour. Learn how to make a tasty dish using cauliflower & peas.

Surti ghari is a gem from the diamond city of Surat, Gujarat. Learn how to make original surti ghari from a surti. Read interesting details about this traditional recipe along with the making video.

Thandai is a gluten-free, vegan & non-alcoholic milk-based drink for everyone. Dry fruits, spices & herbs make this drink a total yum yum.

Custard apple halwa is a fusion sweet dish made using fruit pulp & rava aka suji. It’s completely different from traditional halwa we eat.

Veg upma when made using vegetables enrich the taste. There’s a secret trick to add nutty flavour in this morning breakfast. Read what is it.