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Nankhatai originated in the 16th century by a dutch couple who set up a bakery in the diamond city Surat. Read more details. Watch the recipe video.

Green moong ladoo is healthy, tasty & 100% sugar-free. If your family members don’t eat moong then try this ladoo recipe.

Beetroot curd rice is a non-traditional version of Andhra style temple prasadam daddojanam. See how it’s different from authentic curd rice.

Dhaba style anda bhurji in oil or butter? Red chilli or green chilli? Ginger or garlic? Onion or tomato? Watch recipe videos to get answers. Make the tastiest anda bhurji ever.

Kiwi banana smoothie is a scrumptious & tummy filling beverage. It tastes better when served cold. One can use honey or sugar.

Apple curd rice is an extended version of curd rice. It’s fatafat, jhatpat & chatakedar. Learn a unique cooking method. Watch the recipe video.

Choco Chips Cookies are sweet & crunchy. It’s a total yum for kids. Watch the baking video. Follow expert tips. Steps with images available.

Dahi Garlic Chutney is not a regular curd base recipe. It’s masaledar & khatti-meethi. Moreover, you can store it for a long time.

Digestive biscuits are healthy made using regular wheat flour. If you are on a diet then it’s a guilt-free snack. Learn how to bake them.

Karachi biscuits continue their legacy. It’s a world-famous biscuit made in India instead of in Pakistan. Has tutti frutti & bakes in 12 mins

Cabbage cauliflower dhokla is a mix of tempered vegetables & rava dhokla. Read why you must never store it for a long time after cooking.

Milk powder instant mawa is easy to make. You require less time & ingredient. The making process is also not tedious. Watch the recipe video now.