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Kolhapuri masala aka kolhapuri tikhat is an ultimate combo of taste & tradition. Watch the recipe video to make this spicy curry powder.

Cheesy Mushroom Omelette is the most filling & delicious egg dish. It’s an interesting combination of eggs & mushrooms for breakfast.

Jain paneer butter masala is as tasty as the regular Punjabi style paneer butter masala. Learn how to make it without onion, ginger & garlic.

Chai biscuit is plain tea time flower shape Indian cookies. They are soft & buttery with a rich flavour. Learn how to easily bake them.

Coconut Litchi Rose Cooler is a cool and refreshing summer drink. This is an amazing summer drink that we can easily make at home.

Litchi Rose Cooler is a cool & refreshing mocktail drink perfect for summer. This is an amazing summer drink that we can easily make at home.

Methi paneer is a delicious combination of fenugreek leaves & Indian cottage cheese. Watch the recipe video. Follow steps & cook today.

Hariyali Paneer Masala is a paneer recipe with a green base. It is spicy in taste and really flavorful with thick gravy.

This restaurant-style paneer makhanwala has a rich, creamy & buttery texture. It is spicy, tangy & a little sweet. Watch the recipe video.

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes are the mini version of regular cupcakes. Their size & cute appearance make them a perfect treat for kids at a party. 

Paneer achari gravy is a mixed bag of a variety of flavours due to whole spice, masala powders & herbs. Click to watch the recipe video.

Maggi Anda Bhurji is a fusion recipe of Maggi & scrambled eggs. It is an easy-to-make, simple, & delicious recipe. It is a snack or a breakfast dish.