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Tricolor Recipes

On this special celebration, why not give a patriotic feeling to our food by serving them patriotic theme tricolor recipes.

sweet treats

Wake up chocolate lovers and try these sweet treats on coming Sunday. I bet you won’t leave a single piece of dessert in your plate!   

leftover chapati recipe

Basically, you have noodle, pizza, quesadilla, samosa- all the substitute available which will solve all these hunger pangs- Leftover Chapati Recipes.

Picnic getaway Quick recipes ideas

These 6 Paste/ Spreads/Chutney Recipes will make your picnic a fulll fledge foodie picnic. You can make all these recipes in less than 20 mintues.

Desi Breakfast Recipes for Not So Indian NRIs

Some people find it too difficult when they come back to India & feel uncomfortable set up their food change. you can try these desi breakfast recipes.


Instead of serving it in the same old way, explore these Scrumptious Leftover Rice Recipes unique techniques that are used by expert chefs & their team.

Scientifically Proven Foods

According to science, the best way to balance your food with emotions is by reducing the craving for food. These are scientifically proven foods.

Immunity Boosting Recipes For 50 & Above Revealed

By just focusing on these immunity boosting recipes, your grandparents can achieve maximum strength which will help them to fight their disease.

Make Your Yaariyan Special On This Friendship Day With These Quick Bites

All the BFFs out thereYou don’t need to full your wallet this time to celebrate! This Friendship day with these quick bites will do all for you and your BFF

These 9 Veg dishes taste like non-veg?

Veg dishes taste like non-veg? These dishes are boon to the vegetarians who want to try these quirky tasty dishes at home and your mom won’t go crazy.

This article is not for what to eat during pregnancy and what not. These pregnancy craving recipes will actually help you to go through the healthy way. 

Tasty Dinner Ideas

We all need tasty dinner ideas for every evening. I am a foodie person just like you all. Today I skimmed into dinner recipes that cooks under 30 minutes.

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