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40 innovative bread slice recipes

Yummylicious Veg and Non-Veg Recipes made out of bread slices, all with a different twist. A unique makeover to your regular veg sandwiches.

best air fryers

Complete Buyer’s Guide the Best Air Fryers in India 2019 with Product description, pro and cons based on user experience along with Chef’s point of view.

Sandwich Makers

Are you skipping breakfast every day due to no time?Well, we have a list of 10 best sandwich makers in India 2019 to take out your daily skipping food pain.

Pressure Cookers

Many kinds of Pressure Cookers are available in the market. Consider these factors to choose the best pressure cooker that serves safety and health benefits

Best Induction Cooktops

Being new, you still might be looking to know how to choose the best induction cooktops. A complete buyer’s guide depending on customer reviews and research

oven toaster griller in india 2019

Best 7 oven toaster griller in india 2019 list with pros and cons,Chef’s point of view and has given verdict on the basis of reviews and detailed research.

best mixer grinder in 2019

Complete buyer’s guide showing important aspects to look when you want to buy the Best Mixer Grinder. Top 10 brands which provide a robust mixer and grinder

Arabic Desserts

Make these 14 Arabic Desserts richest in nature on this planet. It has richness & creaminess of one glory dish. Good for Daawat at home and woo your husband

Electric Rice Cookers

Complete Buyer’s Guide for those who want to buy the best electric rice cooker which works properly and also provides value for the money.

Complete Buyer's Guide To Buy Best Rolled Oats

How To Buy the Best Rolled Oats? What To Check While Buying? Health Benefits, Nutritional Values, Expert’s Recommendations and a complete Buyer’s Guide.

Indian Fusion Appetizers

10 Indian fusion appetizers to mesmerize your guest. Appetizers like chutney bomb, achaar bell peppers, and fruit tart chaat are great for Diwali 2018.

Winter Gujarati Recipes

Here is 40 Winter Gujarati Recipes to make this winter season. Starting with breakfast to tea to lunch box to snacks. Famous Gujarati cuisine recipes.

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