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Thursdays are on relaxing mode & specially dedicated to food. These 15 Thursday treat recipes are for special planning recipes for your gatherings.

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Ketogenic diet is old form of dieting type which focuses on low carb foods. Now loose your weight and get these easy ketogenic diet recipes.

I was very happy to get these quick instant breakfast recipes because it saves my time and it will be best for working professionals. It’s quick & easy.

Your eating starting from the morning should be like a king and dinner should be light. We have hand-curated 10 light dinner recipes for a healthy heart.

These Navratri Vrat recipes are perfect foods to maintain their immunity to enjoy midnight Garba & Dandiya nights.Unique homemade style fast recipe listing.

These instant sweets will be very quick to make & ready under 20 minutes. Try some game changer recipes for your new age siblings.

Rakhi festivities is upon us & we want you to make some great rakhi recipes desserts. This are homemade dessert recipes. Top 10 recipes of rakhi festive!

This Eid 2018 is getting sweetened¬†than ever. Why don’t you make these 10 creative desserts & create fun for your taste buds?

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I guess all of you love deep fried foods right? You can eat it as a side dish with your boring lunch or dinner. Only for your crispy pangs, I have listed 10