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20 Easy Potato Recipes

Potato has been part of our diet since ages. This vegetable has been our staple food, be it India or western countries. Here are 20 Easy Potato Recipes that you can cook in under 30 minutes. These recipes are snack recipes you can use for tea time, lunch box of your child or even gatherings. When […]

Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that is rich in carbs, fibers, vitamins (C, B5, and A), Copper, Potassium etc. It also contains plant compounds like citrulline, lycopene and other nutrients. Due to the presence of all these nutrients, There are many health benefits of watermelon and some of them will really surprise you. Yes, you are reading it right. This […]

Biryani Recipes

Eid is approaching and at his point, this question will be on your minds “What should I cook this Eid?”. To help you easily decide your Eid menu, we have put together tried and tested 6 Eid Biryani Recipes for you. 6 Biryani Recipes 1. Indian Style Arabic Chicken Mandi Arabic Chicken Mandi is an Arabic […]

Delicious Desserts Recipes

Desserts are the most difficult things to decide for the day of Eid. Here are 5 Amazingly Delicious Desserts Recipes That will blow the minds of your guest and make you the talk of the town. We always want to make something new when it comes to desserts. No one can take the place of […]

I am an Egg lover and I agree with all these facts. What about you? Eggs have been an obsession since the beginning, tracking back to old ages. Below given are 10 things that you will be able to understand only if you are an Egg Lover. 1. Eggs are the quickest and easiest food […]

Why These 3 Chicken Recipes Have Made Husband Love Their Wife More

You might wonder Why these 3 chicken recipes have made Husband Love their Wife More? “A man’s heart lives in his stomach.”  I hope you all will agree. My lovely Grand Ma used to say this. It is absolutely true. An additional tip for couples: Try to eat in one plate rather than in different plates […]

Valentine cake

Valentine Day has a great significance. A day to express your love to those whom you care about. Nothing would be better than a Valentine Cake. You could buy ready cakes from a outside, but the ones that you make at home are different. They have a special ingredient called Love in it. This ingredient […]

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