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chicken rice recipes

Family dinner is one of the special time you spend with your loved ones. Some of the table stories are the best memories and as well as learning & discussing with your family members. Today I am giving you 3 super delicious chicken rice recipes to cook for your family. These recipes will really make […]

cauliflower recipes

Guys, you heard it right. Cauliflower Recipes and also delicious. Get along with me and you are going to change your opinion. Believe me, mothers are really going to send me gifts to provide them with these recipes which will make their children eat cauliflower. Let’s dig into these 8 tasty Cauliflower recipe that your […]

Romantic Dinner Recipes

Feel that candlelight atmo, seeing in each other’s eye, serving food to each other and in addition to that if the foods are extremely mesmerizing. Just Wow!!! These times then become your memorable moments. Will talk about them or think and that will make you happy. Isn’t that great? Here I can relate to the […]

gujarati dishes

Gujarati cuisine is one of the oldest & traditional in India. The cuisine gives you amazing sweet & sour taste to your taste buds. Here are 10 Gujarati dishes that you must try in a lifetime. Gujarati food is itself unique in its form. It’s completely like a different cuisine altogether. Each food has its own […]

Mahabhog Recipes For Ganesh Chaturthi

Every year I wait for Ganesha likewise he will come and get away all my fears & failures in life. His wisdom, his childlike nature, his smile, his riding on the mouse- I am so much fascinated by all these. That’s why Ganesha is famous among children too. I am sharing 5 Mahabhog recipes to offer […]

Girls Night Dessert Recipes

I called my girls gang & said,” Girls, be ready for today because parents are not at home. It’s our night girls! Yo! I am giving you 10 dessert recipes to make your girls night bang. That is how I plan often when parents are not at home. Great ya! What do you plan for […]

Anti-Aging Foods

I am a woman & I have tried maximum Skin products to make my skin glow. I have not turned my thirties yet but everyone wants to look good as long as they can. And this is the time I am absorbing all the information regarding the resources I can use on my skin which […]

Saturday Street Food recipes

Oh yes! It’s a weekend. Finally, the day has come & I know you all are really excited to explore something new. Saturday & Sunday for me is like exploring day. I get to know new places to hang out & also trying street food. Also in my city where I live, a lot of […]

bread and egg recipes

Now you won’t wake up late in the morning anymore? Because I found a perfect reason for you! These reasons are quite delicious actually! It straightly includes food. But before revealing anything, I want to ask you a question, What do you prefer the most to eat in the morning? Any clue? Let me give […]

Thursday Treat recipes

Treats at home or treats at the office or treats at school lunchtime or treats at college! You can go for Thursday treats today! I love Thursdays. You know why because it is the exact middle day of the week & near to Sunday. I remember when I was in college, Thursdays were happening. I used […]

Indian Recipes To Try Before You Die

Food is everywhere. So is foodies. Visualising foods all the time, talking about it, Planning a trip to a place where one of the dishes is famous- these are the real traits of a foodie. Likewise, I made a pact with myself that in next coming 1 year I will be visiting Rajasthan to eat […]

tasty tuesday recipes

What does tasty food means to you? How you define your food is tasty or not? For me, tasty means chatpata, cheesy and masaledar khana. That includes my favorites street foods in Surat. It includes my favorite waffle ice cream too. And it also includes fish. When I eat these foods, I kind of feel the yummiest […]

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