Your email is already with us and you have already downloaded our Cookbook. If you have lost the Cookbook, or couldn’t download it, or just want the Cookbook again, you can send me an email at chef at and we will resend the Cookbook.

If you are not getting our emails and if you are using GMail, you may know that GMail inbox is divided into multiple tabs:

Due to this change, some users have reported that some mails from us are being delivered in the Promotions tab and so you can miss out on important communication. To ensure that you continue receiving important emails from us, apply these three simple steps on the Welcome Email I just sent you.

  1. Click on the Promotions inbox tab
  2. Drag emails from promotions tab and drop them on the Primary tab
  3. When asked if you want future emails to go to your Primary inbox, just click on “yes”

You can email us directly to the above email. Yet another reason to add my email to your contact list. 😀

TastedRecipes Home-Chef’s Team