Surti ghari is a sweet dish from the diamond city of Gujarat - Surat.



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Prep Time: 15 Min

– Ghee [घी] - 3 tbsp  – Gram Flour [बेसन] - 50 gm – Ghee [घी] - 1 tbsp  – Mawa [मावा] - 500 gm – All-Purpose Flour [मैदा] - 180 gm – Ghee [घी] - 4 tbsp  – Water [पानी] - As Needed – Sugar Powder - 80 gm – Almond Powder - 50 gm – Pistachio Powder - 50 gm – Cardamom [इलायची] - 1 tsp – Ghee [घी] - 500gm (To Fry Ghari) – Ghee [घी] - As Needed  – Pistachio [पिस्ता] - 8-1 pcs (Slit)

Cook Time: 30 Min


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Step 1

Take a kadhai. Heat it, add ghee & gram flour (besan) to it.  Roast till besan changes colour. When done take out roasted besan from  hot kadhai to prevent it from further burning.

Step 2

Take another kadhai. Heat it, add ghee & mava (khoya) to it.  Roast till the mava is soft and starts releasing ghee. Stir continuously  to prevent burning.

Step 3

Put off the flame. Add the roasted besan to the mava. Mix well & keep the mixture aside.

Step 4

Take a clean bowl. Add maida (all-purpose flour) & ghee. Mix well  to make a dough. Add water gradually if needed. Once the dough is ready  cover it with a clean cloth. Leave it to rest for some time. Meanwhile,  we will make the ghari stuffing.

Step 5

Take another bowl. Empty the mava & besan mixture in it. Add  sugar powder, almond powder, pistachio powder, cardamom & mix well.  Your ghari filling is ready now.

Step 6

Now take the dough. Make puri out of it using a rolling pin. Take  about 2 tbsp ghari filling, give it a nice & thick cookie shape.  Place it on the puri and drape the puri around the ghari filling  mixture. Remove unwanted dough. Pat on the top and flatten it to give a  shape. Now your ghari is ready to fry.

Step 7

Take deep vessel & pour ghee in it. Heat the ghee. Place ghari in  a strainer. Pour hot ghee on the ghari. Give the ghari a hot ghee bath.  Keep pouring the hot ghee till the ghari changes its colour. Your ghari  must be light to medium reddish-brown in colour. Repeat the steps for  each ghari.

Step 8

After frying all ghari pour ghee on it. Don’t use hot ghee. Use room temperature ghee. Garnish with pistachios. Eat and enjoy.

Store the leftover ghari in a container in the refrigerator.

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