Egg Mayo Sandwich

Egg Mayo Sandwich is an easy, quick, and sandwich recipe from the British cuisine.

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Ingredients of Egg Mayo Sandwich

– Egg [अंडे] - 5 pcs – Garam Masala [गरम मसाला] - 1 tbsp – Salt [नमक] - 1 tbsp – Mayonnaise [मेयोनेज़] - 1 tbsp – Bread [ब्रेड] - 4-5 slice – Mayonnaise [मेयोनेज़] - As Required to Spread – Tomato Sauce [टोमेटो सॉस] - As Per the Taste

Boil eggs in a deep vessel. Once done, cool it and then remove the shells.

step - 1

Cut the eggs in half. Separate the egg yolks from them. Mash them in a sieve as shown. Keep a bowl underneath it. Repeat the process with egg whites as well. Collect it in the bowl.

step - 2

Add garam masala, salt, mayonnaise in it and mix properly.

step - 3

Take a slice of bread with the corners removed. Spread mayonnaise on it.

step - 4

Now take the egg mixture and spread it evenly. Take another slice of bread and spread mayonnaise on it. Put the slice on top of the mixture and cover it.

step - 5

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Egg Mayo Sandwich is ready.

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