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gujarati dishes

Gujarati cuisine is one of the oldest & traditional in India. The cuisine gives you amazing sweet & sour taste to your taste buds. Here are 10 Gujarati dishes that you must try in a lifetime. Gujarati food is itself unique in its form. It’s completely like a different cuisine altogether. Each food has its own […]

Mahabhog Recipes For Ganesh Chaturthi

Every year I wait for Ganesha likewise he will come and get away all my fears & failures in life. His wisdom, his childlike nature, his smile, his riding on the mouse- I am so much fascinated by all these. That’s why Ganesha is famous among children too. I am sharing 5 Mahabhog recipes to offer […]

Girls Night Dessert Recipes

I called my girls gang & said,” Girls, be ready for today because parents are not at home. It’s our night girls! Yo! I am giving you 18 dessert recipes to make your girls night bang. That is how I plan often when parents are not at home. Great ya! What do you plan for […]

Anti-Aging Foods
Saturday Street Food recipes
Thursday Treat recipes

Treats at home or treats at the office or treats at school lunchtime or treats at college! You can go for Thursday treats today! I love Thursdays. You know why because it is the exact middle day of the week & near to Sunday. I remember when I was in college, Thursdays were happening. I used […]

Indian Recipes To Try Before You Die

Food is everywhere. So is foodies. Visualising foods all the time, talking about it, Planning a trip to a place where one of the dishes is famous- these are the real traits of a foodie. Likewise, I made a pact with myself that in next coming 1 year I will be visiting Rajasthan to eat […]

ketogenic diet

You might have heard about low carb diet or a gluten-free diet or Atkins diet. The ketogenic concept is not new but it has been named after all those foundations of diets. What does the Keto mean? Your body runs on two different fuels. One is sugar from the carbohydrates foods. You get carbs from […]

Janmashtami Recipes

Janmashtami is the day when the Lord Shri Krishna was born. This day is very special because one of the most lovely, mischievous, romantic and a great friend was born. He has set so many examples of love, friendship, and peace. He is the supreme personality of the Godhead. On this special day, I will […]

navratri vrat recipes

Navratri festival is a Hindu festival which is the biggest celebration of God’s worship. People worship the goddess avatar of Durga Maa during this 9 days of celebration. There are two types of Navratri. One is Chaitra Navratri which come during summer ( May -June) and other is Sharad Navratri which is celebrated during starting […]

instant sweets

We thought to give you some unique ideas for Raksha Bandhan celebration this time. If you really looking forward to getting some sweets on the board for your new age siblings then this is going to be the game changer. We love our traditional Indian sweets like Kaju Katri is most famous for this festive […]

rakhi recipes

A good festive season is coming especially for all the sisters. Brothers; be ready to fulfill all your behna’s wish list. Today I want to share with all the sisters a very special thing. I know you wait for this day for n number of reasons. But out of all the reasons, the sweetest thing […] 2017-2018. Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.