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We ladies are always behind some savings when it comes to food. Always looking for some yummy solutions with leftovers. Then these 10 scrumptious leftover rice recipes will work anytime for you. Instead of serving it in the same old way, explore these unique techniques that are used by expert chefs & their team. I have hand-curated […]

Tasty Dinner Ideas

Weeklies evening are generally the busiest for all of us. Even if I talk about me then I get free in evening at around 7.00 pm after completing all the writing recipe works completely. We all need tasty dinner ideas for every evening. So if I want to shut down my brain and engage with […]

10 fruit juice recipes to loose weight

I bet you these 10 fruit juices recipes you will be totally adding into your daily food consumption by tomorrow after I tell you why? These fruit juices help in the most certain way: First thing, it will majorly help in weight loss. Second, it will detox your body- in a simple way- it will […]

These 10 protein rich recipes are gems for the kids that every mother can give them. Kids are vulnerable to all kinds of new taste. They will eat every dish you make but if that dish has something special presentation that catches their eyes to eat. Mother gives milk to her child which is sometimes is […]

Maggi recipes

This is how all we feel right. Maggi has been connected with us since the day we born. We don’t need reasons to cook Maggi. We create reasons to eat it though! lol! Dear Meri Maggi, “You are the reason for our family smile, my late night talks with my best friend. You are the […]

Soya Chaap

Soya Chaap Dishes are purely vegan & at the same time have a unique way of serving like non-veg dishes.  It’s good news for all the veggie lovers. The chaaps are flavored with different marinates. These chaaps are a fusion of creative concept. We all are aware of how Mughal Maharaja used to prepare their […]

Nutella recipe

Nutella has got all the love from kids of all ages. Even grandmother & fathers love to eat. Nutella is a simple spread taste like heaven on the planet just like peanut butter. Nutella is a mixture of chocolate & hazelnut and that’s why people love this combination so much. Gone are the days when […] 2017-2018. Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.