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chicken rice recipes
one-pot rice recipe

Hello, lazy cooks… I am sure you might face no cooking day quite every day. That’s true that cooking is an art and art takes patience. But what if we can’t wait. What if we have planned something more artistry in our noon time and more relaxing activities in our evening time. Here are a […]

Indian Rice recipes

These 15 best Indian Rice recipes are the most simple recipes of times. It’s quick and easy to make recipes for your lunch or dinner as well. There will be some tastiest rice dishes of all time favorite. You can use brown rice as well as in some rice recipes. During your diet period, it […]

Biryani Recipes

Eid is approaching and at his point, this question will be on your minds “What should I cook this Eid?”. To help you easily decide your Eid menu, we have put together tried and tested 6 Eid Biryani Recipes for you. 6 Biryani Recipes 1.¬†Indian Style Arabic Chicken Mandi Arabic Chicken Mandi is an Arabic […] 2017-2018. Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.