Sigdi Smoked Rice

How To Make Sigdi Smoked Rice – Sigdi Smoked Rice Recipe

Sigdi Smoked Rice is a very aromatic and delightful rice dish made with boneless chicken, veggies, basmati rice, tandoori masala and other at home ingredients. It smoked flavor will make you go mad and forget everything. Loved by all ages especially elders. Very easy to make and great in terms of taste.

Kachche Murgh Ki Biryani

How To Make Kachche Murgh Ki Biryani – Chicken Biryani

Aromatic Kachche Murg Ki Biryani is a rice dish made in a different and traditional way by adding the marinated chicken directly with rice and the required spices. Every grain of rice in this biryani has the aroma of chicken and the spices.A dish that cannot be denied by any chicken lover.

Arabic Roast Chicken

How To Make Arabic Roast Chicken – Arabic Roast Chicken Recipe

Arabic Roast Chicken made with simple at home ingredients like garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, butter etc. Arabic Roast chicken starts pulling you towards itself with its aromatic smell right from when it is being roasted. Loved by all age group, though it is kids, youngster or elders.

Chana Dal Lauki

How To Make Chana Dal Lauki – Chana Dal Lauki Recipe

Chana Dal Lauki is the main course recipe to be served with rice. First of all, it is a healthy food. Loved by children and especially the elders.

Scrambled Eggs

How To Make French Scrambled Eggs – Anda Gotala

Soft and Fluffy Scrambled Egg a healthy cuisine with a French origin. Loved by teens as well as children’s.

Chicken Rose Garden

How To Make Chicken Rose Garden – Chicken Rose Garden Recipe

Chicken Rose Garden is a mouth-watering Indian Cuisine made especially for Chinese Style Food Lovers. Can be eaten with and without Chapati. Loved by all, especially children and youngsters. Win the heart of your husband with this lovely dish. Roses have always been a sign of love.

Fluffy Omelet

How To Make Fluffy Omelet – Fluffy Omelet Recipe

Healthy and Yummy Breakfast Recipe of Fluffy Omelet. Loved by everyone, especially Children. It takes only 10-15 minutes to prepare it.

Surti Bataka Puri

How To Make Surti Bataka Puri – Potato Fritters

Surti Bataka Puri is all time favorite snack option for Surtis (People of Surat). Easy to make and loved by all. It is usually served as a tea snack and a special snack in the rainy season.

Panja Chicken Gravy

How To Make Panja Chicken – Panja Chicken Gravy Recipe

Panja chicken Gravy is a gravy recipe made with boneless chicken, yogurt, and Indian spices. Best of special occasions and parties. Everyone will love it. Gravy made with yogurt and melon seeds is so yummy and the tender boneless chicken will mesmerize you. You should try it once.

Chicken Frankie Roll

How To Make Chicken Frankie Roll – Chicken Frankie Roll Recipe

Delicious Chicken Frankie Roll is an extremely popular Indian street food made with flatbread (paratha) wrapped with spicy boneless chicken, chopped onions, tomatoes and yummy chutney. Loved by all and especially children. The origin of Chicken Frankie Roll comes from the street vendors of old Mumbai during 1930. 2017-2018. Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.