Foot Long Chicken Sandwich

Foot Long Chicken Sandwich – Chicken Sub Sandwich

Foot Long Chicken Sandwich or Chicken Sub Sandwich is easy-to-make snack recipe with bread rolls, precooked chicken, mayo, and veggies. Its yummy taste will blow off your mind. Kids and youngsters will surely love it. Foot Long Chicken Sandwich comes in many variations. You can make what best suits your taste.

Whole Bheja Fry

How To Make Whole Bheja Fry – Whole Brain Fry

Spicy Green Whole Bheja Fry is simple and easy Indian Mughlai recipe that can be made at home. Basically, it is the main course recipe but it is also used as a breakfast recipe. It just takes 30-40 minutes or even less to make Whole Bheja Fry. Best when served with Butter Naan.

Scrambled Eggs

How To Make French Scrambled Eggs – Anda Gotala

Soft and Fluffy Scrambled Egg a healthy cuisine with a French origin. Loved by teens as well as children’s.

Poached Eggs

How To Make Poached Eggs – Poached Eggs Recipe

A simple and easy french technique to make perfect poached eggs. Children’s favorite and york lovers.

Fluffy Omelet

How To Make Fluffy Omelet – Fluffy Omelet Recipe

Healthy and Yummy Breakfast Recipe of Fluffy Omelet. Loved by everyone, especially Children. It takes only 10-15 minutes to prepare it. 2017-2018. Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.