Janmashtami is the day when the Lord Shri Krishna was born. This day is very special because one of the most lovely, mischievous, romantic and a great friend was born. He has set so many examples of love, friendship, and peace.

He is the supreme personality of the Godhead. On this special day, I will tell how to traditionally and in a fun way you can celebrate Janmashtami/ Gokulashtami that your kids can also enjoy.

You and your whole family can sit together & sing Bhajan together. You can mock out Bhagwad Gita’s stories of Shri Krishna. You can make Prasad and Chappan Bhog altogether.

You can enjoy the greatness of Lord Krishna in such amazing ways & listen to his intriguing experiences.

Any festival within India is celebrated with preparing mouth-watering desserts. Lord Krishna used to love Makkhan a lot. I have shared some Janmashtami recipes that you can make & totally immerge in his memories.

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Before getting started, I would like to tell you that Panjiri or Dabra is one of the popular recipes that is made at the Janmashtami festival. At the time of God’s worship, we do the devotee offerings of Chappan Bhog.

There are two ways to make the Panjiri recipe. I will share both of them with you.

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#1 Whole Wheat Panjiri Recipe

Janmashtami Recipes

Source: www.sonicuisine1.blogspot.com

This is the popular Prasad that we offer to God first. Panjri is very unique in its form. It’s in powder form & has a strong aroma with it due to some ingredients & the best part is dry fruits. It is mixed & garnished with dry fruits like cashew nuts & Pista etc.

#2 Dhaniya Panjri Recipe 


Janmashtami Recipes

Source: www.divyaszaika.com

This is the same Panjri recipe made with different ingredients. This is different than your regular Panjri as it is made with coriander powder, sugar & dry fruits. You can prepare this recipe in 10-15 minutes.

Apart from Panjri recipes, You can also make other delicious desserts to celebrate the festival. Check out some yummy best dessert recipes only for your readers!

1. Pistachio Cookies

Janmashtami Recipes

Source: www.slicenspices.com

This is Pistachio dry fruit base Nankhatai recipe. These are some yummy cookies made with a twist. It has Pista flavor and it’s easy to make the recipe. It has utterly buttery feeling and just crispy as awesome.

2. Strawberry Sondesh 

Janmashtami Recipes

Source: www.firsttimercook.com

This is a Bengali sweet made with cottage cheese and sugar. You can use the flavor essence of different fruits and make a new Sandesh recipe. There is the best cooking technique the chef has used. Check out in the recipe.

3. Pal Khova

Janmashtami Recipes

Source: www.lathiskitchen.org

You can also check out south Indian sweets recipes. This is only two ingredients sweet recipe. So simple right! Sweets making is generally time-consuming for many people especially on the festival days. We all are so busy in those days. This is just made of condensed milk and sugar. Before the birth time of Lord Krishna, you can offer this.

4. Makhne Ki Kheer

Janmashtami Recipes

Source: www.vegrecipesofindia.com

Lord Krishna used to love Makkhan so much. We have heard stories of how Lord Krishna used to eat Makkhan hiding out from Yashoda Maa. Such a sweet story it is. So I thought there should be at least one recipe for Makkhan.

5. Bhapa Doi

Janmashtami Recipes

Source: www.yummytummyaarthi.com

If you want to make light dessert and as well as healthy then Bhapa Doi will be the best option. It’s like a pudding. Sorry! Not only pudding! A yogurt pudding! Check out the recipe.

This year 2nd September is the Janmashtami festival. Make your home aromatic with these dessert recipes. Enjoy the stories of who actually Krishna was & learn something fruitful with eating on the table with your kids and family.

Our grandparents really believe in all these traditions. They will also feel very positive during festivals. This not only will change the mood of the house but also will be great for creating positive energy around us.

Happy Janmashtami readers!